Indoor Air Quality

The cleaner the air, the better we feel

Air Handling Unit Filters

Indoor Air Quality or IAQ is fast becoming more prevalent not just in the work place but also at home. People spend on average up to 90% of their life indoors, at home, in offices, schools, restaurants, shopping malls or cinemas.

Air is made up partly of oxygen which we need to live. It also contains quantities of solid substances, aerosols and fine dust known as pollution. By removing this pollution from the air that travels in to our lungs, leads to a positive effect on health. The more purified fresh air we breathe, brain power is improved and thinking becomes clearer, thus oxygenating our blood flow and energising the different organs and muscles in our body.

It is scientifically proven Physical & Mental Health and General Wellbeing is improved not just by good eating and routine exercise but also by the level of clean air we breathe naturally. Nowadays we are all thinking about the healthier food we eat, the more exercise we take, the cleaner air we breathe, the better we feel!

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